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I am an American actress living in London. I'm drawn toward fanciful and comedic films (to watch and to help create!). I'm interested in animation although cannot do it myself. I've studied at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and The Central School of Speech and Drama. Since graduation, I've shot several films and web series and am a member of London's only repertory theatre company, Paradigm Theatre.

Please see my Spotlight profile (spotlight.com/7335-1206-2251) or visit leelytle.com to learn more about me.


  1. Lorrie Rivers
  2. Rachel Summers
  3. Colin Waitt
  4. Martin Cowan
  5. Luis M. Jara
  6. Untethered Films

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  1. Ladies, this has brought much joy to my rainy London morning! :D