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I am a Macedonian Documentary film Director living in Kumanovo.
I finished Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, Mastered Directing at the FAMU International.
I have been working on Film and Children Theater, adaptations and screenplay construction.
Documentaries are my accented field of study, both as teacher, mentor and director.
I have won several awards and attended numerous film festivals and workshops.
My more important projects are: „Playground” (short documentary, Atelier Varan - Belgrade, international center for French Documentary Film 2007. I won Asterfest – award for “extraordinary film” for documentary „Ace Slash“2008. On Festival „ Manaki Brothers“was proclaimed for Best Director student program for film „Ace Slash” 2008. „New York Film and Video Festival“ awarded me with Best international bio-documentary in International competition for „Ace Slash“ 2008 and the same year I got ITN Distribution. I was mentoring „ Dream Town“ - full length Documentary project (Directing and supervising International Student Group - NGO „Trust“ Kumanovo ; Ohrid 2009). I filmed „Nargiza“ – full length documentary Film, 2013 with Famu co-production in Czech Republic.

I Attended 0ff cinema2009 - Polland, Poznan; Balcan snapshots 2008 - Holland, Amsterdam; NYfilmvideo 2008 - USA, New York;Asterfest 2008-Macedonia, Strumica; Kratkofil 2009 – Bosnia, Banja Luka; Manaki brothers student films 2008, Macedonia, Bitola; Cultureunplugged 2009 - online festival - USA. San Francisko; East Silver Market 2009 ; Jihlava, Czech Republic; Itn market – 2010 USA, Las Vegas ; ZagrebDox, Zagreb, Croatia; Targowa Film Festival- 2011 Polland, Logj; Atelier Varan in Belgrade and France; CinemaDance - Ponesice, Czech Republic; Jery Coyle Acting Advanced Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic. A novel of mine „Low Latent Revolution“, publisher “Kultura” Skopje, 2011 was translated in Czech language 2012.


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