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    WILLIAM DOIG inverness


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    musician,songwriter and film buff. simon jake gillespie started using some of my original recordings in his hard hitting scottish movie, the wild side of life, which got me motivated to do more. With the help of life long friend Chris Bain, ex Jyrojets guitarist, we record in my home studio, all…

  2. Saverio Luzzo

    Saverio Luzzo Plus Italy


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    Born in Naples on September 1975, he soon felt the desire to be focused on one goal: at 14 years of age he began his work experience as A photographers assistant in a studio of his city. His journey of discovery of the world of image and art began to take shape around his 16th birthday when he discovered…

  3. Francesco Lettieri

    Francesco Lettieri Plus Roma / Napoli


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    make video and cinema contact me: francescolettieri1@gmail.com

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