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  1. And how did you do that one thing in the beginning that had your destination and coordinates
  2. Wow bro this is incredible,you put this together perfectly, you have mad talent. the GoPro is all around just perfect, nothing can beat it for the price.
  3. drew schluter commented on 7D
    Great video, I like the 7D alot , im planning on going in a month and getting some shots in with my D7000
  4. nvm I figured it out
  5. OMG I'm so excited to go here, thanks for this amazing video, and great song choice much better than any other videos i've seen on Youtube
  6. Aghh you should have filmed Machu Picchu, great video anyway, another awesome place for landscape shots that isn't far away at all is Kauai, you should go and film there, I know I am next month
  7. why not HD, whats the point of having a camera like this, if you don't even shoot in HD wtf