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  1. The update is that while Sony is refusing to help creatives using their cams to distribute indipendent movies on Vimeo, they are going down. Another example of how refusing to understand modern times is causing extintion of dinosaurs. It is a shame…
  2. Beautiful. But that old new-age piece is going around without going nowhere, takes too much attention, and is nor relaxing or mezmerizing.
  3. In the mentine, I found a workaround: you can use iMediaShare on iOS or Android to trigger the streaming to any DLNA devices - including the latest Sony BluRay players. It works with my BDP-S580. A shame for Sony, that cannot do on their expensive…
  4. Soxiam, tomorrow I should reveice my Blu-ray/Internet TV from Sony. I guess you will release the Vimeo App the same day :-)