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  1. Jim, TY so much for the encouragement...doing my best with an iPhone 4 and Windows Live Movie Maker, lol. We're looking fw to that time/day, too (:
  2. I enjoyed watching your video (all the way to "Still watching?"). it's amazing how quick the kids grow up! And, it's fun to see what life is like for you guys in Uka. Looking forward to seeing you guys in person when that time comes. Jim
  3. Awesome! So glad it 'works' and you likey (: Yes, just let us know and we'd be happy to whip something's quite fun (I think I can call it my hobby now, lol). In fact, I told Cath the other day "You know what? I'm scrap-booking! I can't believe…
  4. Yay!! Todd, you did fantastic! Thank you so much!!! It was so great to have the kids give us a tour of your new home and community!!! We miss you guys and the kids will love to see Alyssa and Andrew on the "big screen"!! :) We will have to…