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Once in front of the camera hosting Canada's #1 music countdown show,
"YTV's The Hit List", Robert Lee Fournier is now behind the camera -
writing, directing and editing films.

This idea maker has been creating and inventing new video ideas for
years. Rob has a unique style of his own, but also collaborates well
with clients to ensure their visions come alive through film. Turning
just minutes of footage into stories, Rob is not afraid to tackle any
subject. His video about porn addictions, "Millions Can't All Be
Wrong", all shot and edited on a cell phone, landed himself second
place in the MTV's for The Reel Contest.

Rob's love for music is what essentially lead him to film. Starting
out by writing fan videos of how he envisioned the story behind the
song enfolding, he self-taught himself everything about writing,
directing and editing. Accompanied by an eager attitude and witty
personality, Rob is an absolute riot to work with, but also he knows
when to keep it professional - a perfect combination for clients
looking for a unique working relationship.

Now working along side famous photographer Richard Sibbald of the hit
T.V show "Look-a-like", Rob is a part of a team that not only produces
beautiful photography, but also 'behind the scenes' videos of how the
entire process comes together. They have worked with talent agencies
such as Mode Elle and Fulcher Agency, as well as NIKE.

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