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Alexis Van Hurkman divides his time working as a writer, director, and colorist. Currently based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, he’s graded programs that have aired on The History Channel, The Learning Channel, and BBC Four, features and shorts that have played at the Telluride and Sundance film festivals, and video art pieces that have been exhibited at the NYC Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

When not in the suite, Alexis writes and directs works of fiction. His science fiction short, “The Place Where You Live,” is currently in postproduction and due to be released in May. His first feature, “Four Weeks, Four Hours,” screened at festivals internationally from 2006-2008, and he’s hard at work developing an animated series, “Starship Detritus.”

He has also written widely on the subject of film and video postproduction. His popular "Color Correction Handbook" has been acknowledged as an industry reference in the field of color grading. Other books include “Adobe SpeedGrade: Getting Started,” chapters on color correction and finishing in “Final Cut Pro X: Advanced Editing,” and “The Encyclopedia of Color Correction,” as well as software documentation including the DaVinci Resolve User Manual, the Apple Color User Manual, and once upon a time the Apple Shake and Final Cut Pro User Manuals.

For more information, read his blog at, or follow @hurkman on Twitter.

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