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  1. Documentary film

    by TeeJay joined

    17.8K Videos / 6,990 Members

    Documentary film is a broad category of visual expression that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to "document" reality. Although "documentary film" originally…

  2. Motocross Action

    by David Bailey joined

    1,033 Videos / 326 Members

    Anything motocross or cross country motorcycle related. Show some action!

  3. GoPro Hero

    by kleen dirt joined

    8,363 Videos / 2,732 Members

    a group for all gopro camera users to post and share

  4. Documentaries


    14.3K Videos / 4,931 Members

    For all independent film Directors and Producers

  5. News Of The World

    by Markus Junghard joined

    255 Videos / 68 Members

    Journalist, video photographer and editors. News can get so boring. So conservative. So predictable. But it should not be so. News is about love and war, and all the drama that is life. Please…

  6. Video Journalism

    by John Winslow Poole joined

    12.1K Videos / 4,091 Members

    A place for visual storytelling and documentary journalism. Let's see some good stuff!

  7. Travel Videos

    by Matt Stabile joined

    17.3K Videos / 4,158 Members

    Explore the best travel videos from around the world. I also frequently feature videos from here at the www.TheExpeditioner.com. If you have a video that you would like me to consider to feature…

  8. Photojournalism & Multimedia

    by CHEWBAHAT joined

    742 Videos / 341 Members

    Created by Gerald Holubowicz - founder of Chewbahat Storytelling Lab - this group is about sharing great videos & stories made by photojournalists & video enthusiasts. The idea is to build…

  9. Original Storytelling

    by Omar Khalifa joined

    4,329 Videos / 1,989 Members

    Real stories, originally told. Arthouse videojournalism, potent portraits, vivid soundslides, and analytical animation. 'Original storytelling' paints engaging storylines in fresh and bold…

  10. Travel Movies

    by Squeezy joined

    3,851 Videos / 1,052 Members

    Personal travel movies that inspire or light the path to home movies that you WANT to watch. No more boring, windy travel movies!

  11. 7DPRO [Canon EOS 7D]

    by 7DPRO.COM joined

    11.5K Videos / 2,807 Members

    [7D, 1DMKIV, 5DMKII, T1i] WEB: http://www.7dpro.com Do you have a Canon EOS Video that you would like to share with us? Cool, let us know! VIMEO GROUPS: 7D Videos: http://vimeo.com/groups/canoneos7d 5DMKII…

  12. untold.docs

    by Omar Khalifa joined

    540 Videos / 368 Members

    This group is a pool of short and long form documentaries, social and politically-minded stories, trailers and audio slideshows. 'untold.docs' aims to promote important unheard stories,…

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