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Mike York
Character Animator ____________________________________________

Work Experience

Acony Games - Villigen, Germany
Nov 2010 – Current
Title Working on >> Hedone
Key frame animation for a FPS MMO

Eurocom - Mackworth,Derby UK
April 2010 - July 2010
Contract Animator
Title Worked on >> Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo Wii
Keyframe animation over motion capture data for final cut scenes.

Activision/Shaba Games - San Francisco, CA
June 2009 ~ Dec 2009
Promoted from Intern to full time Animator. Responsible for key frame animation and cleaning up motion capture data for in game actions and sequences. Animated cameras. Led other animators and trained them in Motion Builder. Programs Used: 3ds Max and Motion Builder

House of Moves - Los Angeles, CA
Nov 2008 ~ Jan 2009
Contract Animator
Titles Worked on >> Uncharted 2 - Saboteur - Chadam and Undisclosed Wrestling Game. Responsible for cleaning up motion capture data. Key frame animation over mocap data to be delivered to various studios. Also responsible for retargeting and solving data. Programs Used: Maya and Motion Builder

Montecito College of Fine Art & Design - Monrovia, CA
March 2008 - June 2009
3d Animation Instructor
Responsible for teaching the fundamentals of animation as well as creating a new curriculum for the 3d Department. Assisted in critiquing and reviewing graduate portfolios and demo reels.

Deos Animation Studios - Lawrence, MA
June 2008 - Sept 2008
Character Animator
Responsible for key frame animations on a cartoony show for children.
Programs Used: 3ds Max

Novint Technologies - Santa Fe, NM
Feb 2006 Aug 2007 Character Animator
Created creature animation as well as developing a full facial rig.
Programs Used: 3ds Max

Skills and Qualifications

* Over 5 years in Animation production experience for games and commercial projects

* Quick sketching and storyboarding experience

* Extensive knowledge of use of color, form, lighting and composition

* Professionally mentored in the 12 principles of animation.

* Over 6 years of experience with Maya, 3ds Max, Final Cute Pro and Photoshop.

* Production Rigging and weighting experience


Animation Mentor
Feb 2008 - Jan 2010
Diploma in the Advanced Studies of Character Animation
Mentored By:
Jay Jackson (Dinsey)
Nicole Herr (Sony Pictures)
Martin Hopkins (Dreamworks)
Michelle Meeker (Pixar)
Steve Cady (Blue Castle Games)
Cal Brunker (House of Cool)

The Art Institute of Colorado
Aug 2003 - Dec 2007
Bachelor degree in Media Arts & Animation

Computer Software Skills

3d Studio Max
Motion Builder
Adobe Creative Suite – Adobe After Effects, , Photoshop Premiere
Final Cut Pro
Unreal 3 Engine – Able to implement Anim Trees and exporting animations into the game

Awards & Accomplishments

Certificate of Excellence
Graduating Demo Reel (Art Institute of Colorado 2007)
Honorable Mention for Graduating Portfolio (Art Institute of Colorado 2007)
Animation Lecture at Purdue University (March 2010)
Animation Lecture on 3 separate occasions at The Art Institute of Colorado 2007 – 2010



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