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Jen Marlowe, a human rights advocate, filmmaker and writer, is the founder of donkeysaddle projects.( Her most recent documentary film is "One Family in Gaza" and her previous documentary is "Rebuilding Hope." ( As part of a three-person team, Jen traveled to Northern Darfur and Eastern Chad in 2004 to make the award-winning documentary film "Darfur Diaries: Message from Home," and wrote the accompanying book, "Darfur Diaries: Stories of Survival." ( Jen wrote a play and a book about Palestine and Israel. The play is called "There is a Field" and premiered worldwide in October. The book, called "The Hour of Sunlight," (Nation Books) comes out in Feb 2011. Jen's writing can be found online at The Nation, TomDispatch, The Huffington Post, Common Dreams, and World Focus. To follow her on Twitter: @donkeysaddleorg

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  1. My heart breaks! 😰 I have no idea how these people feel,but I understand how they loved the place they HAD lived in!