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  1. Em So commented on Cannon 600D
    what lens did you use for this..?...its looks nice
  2. looks good, I'm getting that same lens very soon...you may me want it even more now...lol
  3. I hv a t3i and I really hope to make my quality like yours, this is exactly the quality I'm trying to achieve, how did you color grade it to look so good, and so sharp like this? was it the lens that made the quality that nice?
  4. thanks so much, also, I did purchase that light form for my t3i, and so far I did see noticeable difference that make my footage look better. but I feel I may not be doing it right for some reason cause I was trying to get it to look like what your…
  5. I am thinking about getting that helios lens for my 600d. any special adapters I need to use it on my dslr?
  6. Em So commented on Live.Love.Fly.
    Good job fam...I saw no flaws in this...Hopefully I get footage this good with my t3i and practice
  7. Em So commented on MOMENTOS
    perfect ..