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Rhode Island, United States

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Well I've loved film and photography since as far back as I can recall. It all honestly started with the titanic, despite how bad it failed in terms of plot among other things. I always had a natural knack for photography and just knew how to frame and compose a picture, even with a dispensable camera. From them I grew to love it more and more until I got to high school, where they offered a video production class. It was my opportunity to make films and learn more. Unfortunately, I didn't own any camera gear until the summer of 2010 when I got my first camera, the Nikon L110 and since then I've made films and videos when the chance presented itself. I hope to make a career out of film and photography and wish to be noticed by those of higher skill.

I have been offered what I've most spent searching for, financial support for my film group. I'm not ready to divulge all the details yet though, but I will in the upcoming days or possibly weeks.


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