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Jeff Cremer is an award-winning travel photographer based in Lima, Peru. His wanderlust and search for compelling images has brought him to amazing places all over the world.

Impressed by the stunning beauty and abundant photographic opportunities in Latin America he lived in Costa Rica and Colombia before moving to Peru.

Jeffs work has been displayed in galleries around the world and published in numerous books and magazines. His gigapixel photography work was recently published in “EARTH Platinum Edition”, the world’s largest atlas. Each page spread of this limited edition book measures a breathtaking 6 feet x 9 feet (1.8m x 2.7m). Only 31 copies will be printed and will retail for $100,000 a copy.

Combining his love of science, nature and technology, Jeff is also an accomplished astrophotographer. After spending many cold nights in the high plains of Colorado using advanced equipment to take images of distant objects in the night sky he participated in the Kitt Peak National Observatories Advanced Observer Program where he used robotically controlled telescopes and highly sensitive astronomical imagers to take amazing photos of nebula, star clusters and galaxies. His images have been featured by RC Optical Systems, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, California Institute of Technology and Astronomy Magazine.

Jeff also published his own book documenting his travels in Peru titled “People Of The Sun — A Journey Into The Heart Of The Inca Empire” This coffee table book explores Peru from its desert coast, high peaks and dense jungles to its vibrant culture of Quechia and Aymara campesinas. The book is a testament to why he moved to this exciting country.

"I want to bring awareness to science and nature through the use of technology and art. Many people ask what makes a "good" picture. I believe that If somebody sees an image that moves them emotionally or philosophically, causes them to think or ask a question or view the world in a new way it is a good photo and I have done my job as a photographer. "

Jeff is also a licensed private pilot with over 160 flight hours and 450 take-offs and landings and holds certifications for complex and high performance aircraft. He also holds three PADI SCUBA dive licenses and is a certified rescue diver. He has completed numerous dives all over the world and has been to depths of over 130ft.





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