Quantrell Jackson

Bayonne, NJ

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Artistically speaking, I am a director, writer, cinematographer, and editor with a passion for human interest, sci-fi, and politically-themed film and television. I am also an original music composer who loves to play the bass guitar and keyboard any chance I get. Currently, I am engaged in the creation of a futuristic film noir piece that I intend to distribute as a web series. My past productions have included documentaries, short films, and vignettes for tv commercials.

Additionally, I am of service to the residents of New York City through my work as an Operations Specialist at the environmental engineering firm Hazen & Sawyer where I have incorporated my directing, writing, cinematography, and editing skills through the development of a series of informational and training videos used to illustrate my firm's capabilities, and to train users of industrial equipment designed or installed by Hazen & Sawyer throughout the New York City Metropolitan area.

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