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  1. Fubiz

    by Mathieu Foucher subscribed to

    2,265 Videos / 13.8K Followers

    Daily dose of inspiration - http://www.fubiz.net

  2. wow and flutter 11

    by workname subscribed to

    32 Videos / 7 Followers

  3. 3d|MotionDesign

    by Remo Gee subscribed to

    285 Videos / 1,571 Followers

    This channel is all about 3d motion design! We feature extraordinary motion graphics, 3d tracked matchmoves, 3D animation and almost every kind of stylish 3d motion design. If you have something…

  4. chromedecay processing sketches

    by chromedecay subscribed to

    4 Videos / 10 Followers

  5. postgrado idep - processing

    by Alba G. Corral subscribed to

    39 Videos / 20 Followers

    Canal para reunir todos los trabajos del postgrado de motion graphics idep 2008-2009 para la asignatura de processing http://www.idep.es/estudios/postgrados_y_cursos_profesionales/diseno_grafico/motion_graphics/(area)/design_area curso…

  6. The Future Is Electric

    by Axiom Crux subscribed to

    268 Videos / 833 Followers

    Cutting Edge Audio/Visual Synesthesia, Experimental Motiongraphics, and Visual Effects.

  7. New ways of interaction

    by Jens Franke subscribed to

    381 Videos / 3,693 Followers

    This channel is a collection of projects about newer ways of human and physical interaction, hosted by Jens Franke (http://www.jensfranke.com | http://twitter.com/jensfranke). It features interactive…

  8. Under the Influence

    by Casey Pugh subscribed to

    185 Videos / 7,694 Followers

    Aurally and visually stimulating videos that will pleasure your mind's mind. I'd like to turn these into a DVD one day to play in the background of a party or in my dreams. Watch…


    by Josue Ibanez subscribed to

    1,875 Videos / 7,623 Followers

    Is about interaction, installation, generative code, motion design and sometimes travel. twitter.com/josue_ibanez Studio: www.cocolab.mx www.facebook.com/cocolabmx www.hotpixel.mx www.facebook.com/hotpixelmx

  10. Moving Image

    by Devoted to Motion subscribed to

    1,461 Videos / 6,082 Followers

    We are devoted to motion and the moving image.

  11. Proceduralism

    by Andy Moorer subscribed to

    1,790 Videos / 2,737 Followers

    A showcase of procedural computer graphics, where computer software and artistry meet. Particle systems, procedural models, and visual effects achieved through custom scripts and software are showcased…

  12. Digitale Klasse

    by Jussi Ängeslevä subscribed to

    22 Videos / 39 Followers

    Works from the Digital Media Design Class at the Berlin University of the Arts

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