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Young director Myke Ward typically draws his inspiration from art, places he traveled and everyday life. Inspiration fused with creativity makes each of his videos unique and entertaining. This 21 year old director offers a fresh perspective to the world of music videos and he’s getting quite the buzz in his hometown of San Francisco working under award-winning director Kevin Epps. Myke also interned at Conscious Youth Media Crew were he earned a scholarship to attend San Francisco State University . Myke Ward Continues to pursue an degree in English/Cinema at San Francisco State. April 3rd 2008 Myke saved 4,000 dollars and started his own independent film production company Daydream Films a company that specialize in music videos, documentaries, commercials etc. Myke has already directed 5 music videos for independent alternative R&B, Rap , and pop musicians. The thing that sets Myke apart from other directors his age is the fact that he is an diverse director building his client base in all types of music, Myke also is able to communicate all his thoughts visually; his perception of a situation or a personality is far from typical. One of the example is SPARKZ “Smile” video in which he manages to capture the artist’s personality without excel. Myke is becoming one of the most talented directors in San Francisco “Sacrificing a lot of sleep” is how he managed to sustain his current ascent to the top. When preparing for any job, he uses the words of the song as a guide to form his perception of what the images in the video will represent. Myke ward goals is to improve his craft, progress, and build from there; a never ending pursuit, since he refuses to rest on his laurels. “I live a very amazing life…Iam thankful for everyday…even bad days are good…I try to learn from all my experiences…” Myke Ward is truly grateful for the opportunities he has been blessed with. He is very spiritual and believes that our paths, created by god should be followed without questioning or hesitation. To Myke, the seemingly great achievement of creating a hit video pales in comparison to the significance of the grandeur of god’s creations.

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