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Lisa Hammer has been a prominent NY underground filmmaker for over a decade. She moves between New York and Hollywood to direct and produce feature films with her brother James Merendino (SLC Punk!). Together the two are known as "The Terror Twins". Lisa is best known for her quirky German Expressionist films and experimental horror films and fairy tales, as well as the voice of Triana Orpheus on Adult Swim's hit cartoon "The Venture Brothers". She was also lead singer of the hugely popular Gothic rock bands Mors Syphilitica and Requiem In White.

She has collaborated with Ben Edlund (Firefly, Angel) and Doc Hammer (The Venture Brothers) to create the film "Crawley", which won the silver medal for short films at the 1999 Chicago Underground Film Festival, and landed her on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter. Her feature film "Pus$bucket, from the Broadway Musical", caused a few near-riots, and has been canonized in the cult movie sections of Blockbuster and other chains, and has been featured on an MTV special about bizarre cult films. It has recently been acquired by Arcanum/Warner Home Entertainment for widespread commercial re-release on DVD, as have her two other feature films "Girls Gone Grimm" and "Turn of the Century", starring Courtney Love, Tiny Tim, Thurston Moore, and Dame Darcy. She has also contributed to Joanie4Jackie, a film anthology project run by Miranda July, which featured Hammer's film "Empire of Ache" starring Dame Darcy.

Lisa collaborated further with Dame Darcy on the weekly television show "Turn of the Century", a New York City public access television show done in a Gothic vaudeville style that lasted from 1996 to 1999. The show featured various New York personalities, and guests such as Thurston Moore, Tiny Tim, Lisa Suckdog, Queen Itchie and Courtney Love. It was cited by New York Magazine as "the best public access show of 1997" and has been syndicated on stations around the U.S.

2000-2002 Lisa produced films "Handtruck Women" (Dir. Karen Kelly), "Maldorora and a Little Girl" (Dir. Maude Swift) and "Rub" (Dir. Doc Hammer.) She also acted in all three films and dozens of others. She directed and performed in her band Mors Syphilitica's music videos, including "My Virgin Widows".

From 2003-2004 Lisa created the award-winning cult NYC TV show "POX" starring the uber-glamorous POX, leader of an actual cult. She shot a feature film "POX", documenting the cult and the TV show, with guest stars James Duval (Donnie Darko) and Clayne Crawford (Roswell, Swimfan).

From 2004-2006, Lisa directed the films "Period Piece" "Ultimate Team Invasion Force" and "Why Does It Do That?" which have been making the festival rounds. "Period Piece" was shown at an underground womens' film festival in Pakistan, at Ladyfest East in the U.S., and was included in Lisa's 2005 one woman show in China. Her film "Period Piece" is quickly becoming a viral video sweeping the world wide web. The story is a remake of a 1970s sex education filmstrip for mentally handicapped children who are being shown, very graphically, how to handle their periods when they come. The film was lovingly reenacted by Hammer and her team of weirdos.

In 2006 Lisa wrote and directed a live stage-play version of Grimms fairy tales called "Grimmer than Grimm" which quickly became the hit of Hollywood and enjoyed standing room only performances. In this production Lisa melded the worlds of David Lynch's "Fire Walk with Me" and Grimm's fairy tales by populating the world of "Twin Peaks" with Snow White and Hansel and Gretel, along with a few evil stepmothers, Cinderella and The Frog Prince, who, when kissed, transformed into an "Adam Ant-as-Prince Charming" hunk.

From 2007 to the present, Hammer has kept busy writing several scripts, including a feminist horror film which her brother James Merendino will direct. She has also completed post-production on the Terror Twins' latest feature film, "The Invisible Life of Thomas Lynch", a shockumentary following the daily life of a lonely hit man. In the film, Hammer and Merendino also play callous filmmakers who ignore pleas from dying victims in order to get the perfect shot for the documentary. The Terror Twins have completed a pilot for their TV show "Terror Lab", as well as recording a haunting CD "Bloody Ballads" and performing live on "Flashrock", as well as releasing two music videos. Hammer has recently released her ethereal solo CD "Dakini" on Projekt Records.

Hammer's films have toured the U.S. and the world, screening at festivals, galleries, clubs, and on TV, including: a successful one-woman show in China, Ladyfest East, and a forbidden womens' film festival in Pakistan, to mention a few. Past festival and gallery screenings have included: The New York Underground Film Festival, The Chicago Underground Film Festival, The Euro Underground Film Festival, The International Surrealist Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film and Video Festival, Festival of Darkness, Antimatter Festival, Kurzfilm Festival, Volcano Festival, Nova Arts Showcase, The Corcoran Gallery, Here Art Gallery, 911 Media Center, Apocalypse Now Showcase, The German No Budget Film Festival, Toronto "Splice This" Festival, Los Angeles Underground Festival, The Big Miss Moviola Tour, The Masters of Super-8 World Tour , and many more. She has received funding from: NY Foundation for the Arts,The Media Loft, Experimental Television Center, Drift Distribution and The Emerson Film Society.

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