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o'mentalogy - Empire Group, is not just a brand concept, is also a Creative Studio based in Lisbon-Portugal | London-UK and Luanda-Angola.

It was created with the intention of developing Individual Projects and Business as Architecture; Branding Strategy & Concept Design .

We cover depth exploration of techniques and styles of the past merging with the sensibilities of the 21st century as our fingerprint images to create unique and highly emotive.

Our projects are based on innovative solutions and consumables. In the words of a vocabulary o'logy as a concept platform for our ideas and thoughts on how "the impossible does not exist.'' Creativity and logic is our key.

Ours Services:

• Brand Design, Strategy & Development
• Design & Art Direction
• Creative Problem Solving
• Illustration & Typography
• Layout & Production
• Visual Communication
• Web Design & Maintenance
• E-Commerce Design, CMS & Usability


  1. Steam Films
  2. Tribal Urbano
  3. GMUNK
  4. tomas koolhaas
  5. Peter Szewczyk
  6. Kahleem Poole-Tejada (KahL-One)
  7. Mariano Lorde
  8. Paul Gemignani
  9. Michael Stine
  10. SINLOGO Animation
  11. Paco Peregrín
  12. Oskar & Gaspar
  13. actweb.fr
  14. Fabian Weber
  15. GOLEM
  16. STN Europe
  17. Marcin Karski
  18. CHRLX

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