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The imperfections allow to identify a medium, in the style of glass becoming visible by the accumulated dusts and scratches.

Nicolas Maigret experiments the capacity of the contemporary technologies to generate specific sound or visual languages. In his realizations, the internal characteristics of the media are revealed through their errors, dysfunctions, borderlines or failure threshold, which he develops sensory and immersive audio visual experiences. He begins in 2002 with Between 0&1, a digital process tripping through binary data and their intrinsic qualities (logic, structure, redundancy). In the current project, Infinite Stream Loop, in duet with Nicolas Montgermont, the network's internal digitalscape, both unstable and inviolable is made perceptible through a sort of encephalography using sound.

Nicolas Maigret has been developing an experimental practice of sound and electronic images (performances, installations, programming, radio) since 2001. After studies at the Fine arts school of Besançon, where he followed a theoretical education about the avant-gardes, he joins the laboratory Locus-Sonus in Nice dedicated to audio art researches. He has been teachning new media durring workshops and at the Fine arts school of Bordeaux. He is presently involved in an artist run space named Plateforme in Paris, and develops digital and sound art researches in duo with Nicolas Montgermont under the name of Art Of Failure.

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