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Introduced to the outdoors at the age of 5, Ronald Eaton's father began piggybacking him into the woods leaving him with an infatuation that lingers over 25 years later. This 2 decade obsession has created a solid foundation for what Ronald now calls "Taggin Out Hunting". With a goal in mind to represent what average hunters, fishermen, and trappers go through year in and year out, Ronald began his DVD production company in 2009 and has successfully launched his first DVD production series entitled "Fillin Tags and Reachin Limits." In 2010, he began filming the Gary Schumann Trapping DVD Series. In 2011, they successfully launched 2 new releases. They were titled the “Rat Race” and “40 Cents and a Weasel.” In 2012, we made our first national TV appearance on F&T’s North American Trapper on the Pursuit Channel. Despite recording several Michigan Big Game Record Book animals, Ronald humbly considers his greatest accomplishment as reflecting on memorable times shared with family and friends. In addition, Ronald also enjoys displaying his obsession by way of pen as his articles have appeared in periodicals such as: Fish & Game Finder Magazine, Michigan Sportsman Magazine, and the Buck Fax publication. Ronald considers his most profound contribution to the sport as introducing new people and children to hunting.

“MAKE IT HAPPEN!” Ronald Eaton

When they first met, she had never shot a gun, never held a bow, and had never been hunting. However, Ronald Eaton was determined to expose Alicia Loomis to the outdoors and many years and a wedding ring later, here they are. Alicia's decision to take a chance with Ron opened her eyes up to a passion and love for hunting that she didn't realize she had. She happily admits that she loves their hunting adventures together and the experiences she has shared with Ron in the woods and on the water have solidified their chemistry as a couple. Whether its in a ground blind, at a hunting camp, or on a boat, she enjoys the bonding time that is created with her husband, daughter, family, and friends, and looks forward to the many memories to come. She has proven herself by harvesting big game animals that she too has recorded in the Michigan Big Game Record Book. Through lots of practice, dedication, and experience she has become more successful in the woods, across the fields, and in the water. Having been able to experience some amazing times in the outdoors, she would love to see more women introduced and involved in the outdoors. Alicia's always leaves the women she meets with this quote, "YES, it can be a girl thing!"

As soon as she was old enough to tag along on a hunting quest, out she went. By age 2, she was riding shotgun in a duck blind and at age 3, she was firing a .22 cricket. After practicing with her crossbow, Mom and Dad took her on her first hunt in which she successfully harvested a wild boar all by herself at the age of 4 years old in Louisiana and her exposure to the excitement and adrenaline rush of the outdoors had begun. Since then, she has been limited to Michigan’s youth hunting rules and has only been able to observe the outdoor activities. This however changed at the end of 2011, and you can bet in the following years you will be seeing her many successes as she heads outdoors in 2012. Ron and Alicia hope that Kylie enjoys the experiences they share together in the outdoors and will be thankful of the opportunities that her parents presented her with at such a young age. Without a doubt, Kylie is sure to shatter some records and likely some hearts along her journey called "Life".

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