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Sam Henderson is the Creative Director for Today’s Nest and Olive Nine Design. His talents and passions range from food styling and photography to interior design and modern home life. Sam began his career in fashion with a detour into the financial industry. Continuing his pursuit of living the modern man’s American dream, Sam made the transition from fashion and finance to interiors and creative services. Having been a bit of a photog in his early years and inspired by trade glossies and other photographers, Sam sought to hone his skills and in turn developed a love of photography and capturing the beauty in all things. This coupled with a life rich with memories of food, family, and festivities laid the foundation for Today’s Nest.

As a husband, father, designer, and businessman, Sam has a wide breadth of experiences and information from fitness and finance to cornbread and cornices. Years of experience, research, and innovation have positioned Sam as a lifestyle expert. He stays busy with his family, Olive Nine Design, and writing/creating/photographing daily lifestyle posts for Today’s Nest.

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