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  1. Nick Polizzi
  2. World Class Productions LLC

    World Class Productions LLC PRO Honolulu


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    World Class Productions LLC is a full service video production company based in Honolulu Hawaii owned and operated by Albert & Jayne Cloutier

  3. MacGillivray Freeman Films

    MacGillivray Freeman Films Business Laguna Beach, CA


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    Discover MacGillivray Freeman and our world-famous Giant Screen Films that inspire people around the globe. http://macgillivrayfreeman.com

  4. Hōkūle‘a Crew

    Hōkūle‘a Crew Hawaii


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    We're members of the crew of the Hōkūle‘a preparing to sail around the world using traditional Hawaiian navigation. Our mission is to learn how to navigate - not only the oceans of the world, but life - to a more sustainable future.

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