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Brooklyn, nyc.

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The journey of Loor Ambient (known as Leandro Ganzero) is a long one, full of nomadic twists and turns. A self discribed "fucking gypsy", came to Miami from La Plata, Argentina in the late 90's in search of updating gear for his studio back home. "Some of the gear I was looking for in Argentina was about as common as an extra terrestrial and very expensive", says Leandro. I came out to purchase a sampler, etc with the intention of bringing it back to Argentina, but somewhere along the line I forgot to purchase my return ticket. I took a road trip to New York City instead." And thus, Loor Ambient was born. Loor Ambient was a new chapter of Ganzero's creative journey, a continuation of the various electronic bands he played in in Argentina. Armed with his new gear, Leandro created the Massive Attack inspired "Overloaded" in 2005 and the cinematic inspired "Truth in a Minor Scale" in 2007. Finally settled in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with the very studio gear that brought Leandro out to the United States, Leandro embarked on what would become his third full length, the eponymous "Loor Ambient". Armed with darker textures and more of a tension filled tone, he began incorporating visual elements, with DIY film snippets, earning him diehard fans from the Youtube crowd. With placement on radio stations such as the globally acclaimed Astreaux World, Loor Ambient's music reaches fans of the electronic/ambient genre everywhere. Channeling diverse artists such as Lee "Scratch" Perry and classical to 70's Kroutrock movement which spawned acts such as Harmonia, cluster, neu, Loor Ambient brings a new dissonant twist to the Ambient genre. "Loor Ambient" can be found on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon and online stores everywhere. myspace.com/loorambient loorambient.com

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