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  1. Christian Media

    by Gonzalo Tello

    5,933 Videos / 2,354 Members

    A beautiful group of people that love God and make beautiful things for Him.

  2. Your Canada

    by Paul Holmes

    399 Videos / 136 Members

    This is a group dedicated to all things Canadian. It's Your Canada! Are you creating amazing Canadian content? Join the Your Canada Network - http://yourcanada.ca/network/

  3. U.S. Military Video

    by Dan Kauppila

    127 Videos / 61 Members

    U.S. Military Video provides an opportunity for Military Photographers, Videographers & Journalists to share their productions with their peers. The goal is to provide an avenue to critique products,…

  4. Occupy Wall Street

    by Gemini Ferrie

    159 Videos / 49 Members

  5. Catholic

    by Catholic Core

    112 Videos / 33 Members

    accept entirety of Dogma, faithful to the Pope, love God with whole heart mind and soul. NewAdvent.org BiblicalCatholic.com CUF.org CatholicCulture.org PureLoveClub.com Vatican.va

  6. Stop War

    by Out in the Street Films

    4 Videos / 21 Members

    "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Thomas Jefferson The Stop War Project is a documentary film and web initiative to stop war through pictures (http://stopwar.lafilmonline.com) It…

  7. Larger Than Life

    by Calvary Houston

    262 Videos / 21 Members

    Larger Than Life Teaching and Outreach Ministry of Calvary Chapel Houston. The vision of Calvary Chapel Houston is Worship, Win, Disciple and Send.

  8. Students for a Democratic Society

    by Daniel Meltzer

    18 Videos / 15 Members

    SDS is an education and social action organization dedicated to increasing democracy in all phases of life. It seeks to promote the active participation of young people in the formation of a movement…

  9. Peace and Nonviolence

    by d wasser

    42 Videos / 14 Members

    Videos promoting peace and nonviolent social change.

  10. Evangelical Catholic

    by The Evangelical Catholic

    11 Videos / 12 Members

    A group dedicated to living the teachings of Christ as Catholics in the modern world and to learning how to share Christ's message of love, peace and joy with others in culturally sensitive and…

  11. Iraq VETERANS Group

    by t c

    32 Videos / 11 Members

  12. Combat Veterans

    by Sarge Lintecum

    34 Videos / 10 Members

    Videos by, about and/or supporting combat veterans.

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