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I am filmmaker. I like to witness peoples lives and see what they choose to do with them. Although I'm a poet, a writer, a director, a political strategist and a paradigm shifter, I am also a five time cancer thriver powered by my fifth pacemaker and a new heart valve. It merges two seemingly different worlds. I believe most of my problems occurred from toxic chemicals combined with toxic emotions. I was a competitive swimmer with a mouthful of mercury. It's has required a constant state of letting go and letting God. I am here to reveal the truth of the lessons I've learned and deliver results in the political arena, the film arena , and the mass communication arena. I'm a big believer that the message is in the music. It is my goal to inspire, enlighten and inform the public of stories that they may not know about and assist in shifting the the paradigms of health and wellness that need shifting. I have a BS in Broadcast Telecommunications from Florida international University in Miami and spent numerous years in concert production, management, tour management, studio production, and television both affiliate and Network as a Promotions Director, Creative Director and on air talent. I have garnered numerous awards for my creative campaigns, commercials, promos, film and writing. The biggest reward has been traveling the road with dedicated scientists, activists, lawyers, doctors and everyday people who are committed to something bigger than themselves. It has been an honor and blessing to meet all the people I get to meet along the way...from trailer parks to the United Nations, we all ultimately want the same thing. What I have learned is, "It's not what you do, but how you do it". Kelly G 2012

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