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  1. James Harford

    James Harford Plus Passion for motion design.


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    Freelance Motion Designer, based in London. Former student at Surrey Institute of Art and Design

  2. British Cycling

    British Cycling Great Britain


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    Video by British Cycling can now be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/britishcyclingvideos. British Cycling is the governing body of cycling in UK, providing membership, licences, event support and running a range of cycling programmes, including the GB Cycling Team. British Cycling is a private…

  3. Madison

    Madison PRO


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    Madison has come a long way since 1977, from its modest beginnings as a small suburban bicycle shop in North West London, to what we now proudly boast as being the UK’s leading distributor of bicycle parts and accessories, as well as the UK’s fastest growing motocross and freesports equipment…

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