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Andreas Knag-Danielsen (b. 1983, Bergen, Norway) received his BA in Visual Communication at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (Norway) and his MFA at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (Sweden).

Andreas Knag-Danielsen is interested in the human body and questions raised by the contemporary body ideals. He integrates the gym and working out as a platform which he uses as a catalyst, source of inspiration and contemplation. His works deal with the pathological downside to the contemporary sports culture, as manifested through eating disorders and distorted body ideals flourishing through the Internet and social media. His works with various medias with a focus on performance, body art, print and different sculptural experimentations where he searches for bodily poetic qualities that lie within materials such as wood, wax, rubber, metal and the nutrition supplements used by body builders and athletes. He has a conceptual approach to his subject and is interested in creating art that represents a research-based working process and conveys critical discourses.

Andreas Knag-Danielsen wants to raise existential and philosophical questions related to the human body, its restraints and our existence, the balance between chaos and control, and the convergence of the digital world and the physical world.

Andreas Knag-Danielsen has exhibited at Ekko - Festival for electronic music & art (Bergen, Norway), Høstustillingen, 2011 (Oslo, Norway), Prøverommet at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall (Bergen, Norway), Konstnärshuset (Stockholm, Sweden), Galleri Maskinen (Umeå, Sweden), ReVision Arts Collective Exhibition 2011 (New York, USA), Galleri Verkligheten (Umeå, Sweden), Bildmuseet (Umeå, Sweden) and Malmö Konsthall (Malmö, Sweden).

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