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Filmmaker and anthropologist.

Afua Atingo Asare-Nyako was born in Denmark together with a younger sister. Her mother is Danish and her father is Ghanaian. When she was 4 years old the small family moved to Ghana and stayed there for nearly two years before moving back to Denmark, where Afua Atingo was to begin school.
Afua Atingo engaged already in her childhood and early schooldays in art, film and photography.
Afua Atingo Asare-Nyako hold a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Visual Anthropology.
During her studies Afua Atingo made a short documentary about sponsor children in Ghana, and worked as a volunteer program developer and cinematographer at a TV station.
Changes is Afua Atingo's thesis documentary, which she edited, shot and directed, during her MA course in Ethnographic documentary. She graduated from The University of Manchester in 2010.

2011 Changes (29min)
Documentary film
2010 In Between (23min)
Documentary film
2007 Lykke/ Happiness (27min)
Documentary film
2006 Frisøren på Istedgade/The hairdresser (5 min)
Documentary film


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