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I am an actress and a writer of sketch comedy. Here is some of my history:

My premier acting role was in first grade when I played Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in a school play. Or at least the teacher (graciously!) let me THINK I was playing Rudolph. Originally she cast me as something else but I was so insistent upon playing Rudolph that I made a Rudolph costume without her knowledge and upstaged the REAL Rudolph during the production. Ha-HA-A!!!

After that, when I was nine, I played the Virgen Mary in a church play. I took that role veeery seriously but did catch a frog in my throat once during the performance and ended up clearing my throat into the microphone. Apparently, those instruments pick up EVERYTHING!! :))). And the whole congregation laughed.

I did not act a-gain until high school, where I took two acting classes and got an "A" in the second one!! Hoo-ray.

Upon high school graduation I decided to pursue acting as a career. I knew only that I wanted to act and some people had told me that I was funny. I also knew that I wanted to "make it big".

So I spend the next several years between LA and Chicago, taking classes and acquiring roles in short independent films, sketch comedy shows (one of which I cowrote), Spanish TV shows, and even (accidentally) one on "Family Guy".

I really feel like, in the last year, I have really pushed, pushed, pushed, to get my name out there and develop a decent reputation in the business. This is only a small bit of what I've done in the last 14 months:
Here are link to a few different productions I have been in:

Paperback Films "Time":

Moby music video entry ‘Be the One’ - (I play the young mother):

"Bears Don’t Drink Milkshakes"(a silent comedic short):

Dr. Acula Music Video (a dancing slumber party guest):

My reel:

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    Thanks, you too! Is it Stephen who just posted that comment?!
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    The funny thing is--I'm in this film and I had no idea it was even in a contest. Good job us!