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Carolina Cruz aka Lucilux
is an illustrator, animator and designer working out of Berlin. Over the past years her works included short animation films, flipbooks, package designs, organization of art events, gallery exhibitions, stage designs, street art pieces, urban fashion collections, custom fashion prints, and much, much more.

Born in Santiago de Chile, she played too much atari when she was young. Nowadays, she believes, all the TV and video games have left many traces in her work.

After her studies of interior design in Chile, she completed her degree in industrial and textile design at the renown School of Arts Escola Massana in Barcelona, before moving to Berlin in 2005.

Some of her recent Projects included the Spätkauf Kunstaktion in Berlin Kreuzberg, a social art and music event in the city's hippest neighborhood, Kreuzberg. Also she contributed to Pound Magazine, Chile; to the Illustrative Alfa Romeo art collection and worked on the feature length documentary "138 Segons" by Evohé Films Barcelona by Director Joan Lopez Lloret.

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