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A lot of ignorants dont know the signification
4trio are my bros always ready for execution
We a all a bunch of homies linked forever
We dont care about haters cause we know better
Never missed the oppurtunity to drink'n'fly
There been so many of 'em, pretty sure over 75
So many good times we never forget
Like when we put the tank in the tub and threw him to bed
Once had some fuckin paste from a pushy
Stupid moron thought it was gum, launched it away
I mean come on dawg sometimes you mentally late
My other boy's aggresive and rarely keen
But it Aint matter, he still the coolest guy y'all ever seen
Dont even get me started on mandeville
This place's our psychiatrical refuge except with no curing pills
So many pizza's, bong hits and beers
Sometimes i wonder how the fuck we still able to see clear
Man I love my crew they're the illest
Tell us to come over, we'll show you who the craziest
Drink t'ill we puke or smoke t'ill we blind
4trio's the center of attention and will blow up ya minds!

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