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  1. louise scovell commented on embodiment
    Pipilotti Rist interactive art piece: In this instance, collaboration exists as a form of embodied cognition between the: creator(s) / artist(s) > participant(s) / audience and > spectator(s) / voyeur(s) / critic(s)
  2. louise scovell commented on embodiment
    Embodied cognition as collaboration between the: creator(s) / artist(s), participant(s) / audience and spectator(s) / critic(s)
  3. louise scovell commented on embodiment
    – then I commit a sin against the Holy Spirit, so to say, because I insist on following a human plan instead of the ’divine’ one, for the ’capricious’ moods of my organism are direct creations of God.' Miklós Szentkuthy, Narcissus’ Mirror