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Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - India

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EPS began its journey with one teacher (Rummana Khan) and one student (Aminah Durrani) in April 2003 with the motto of “Excellence through value-driven education”. The total strength of EPS in its first year of operation was 23. Our education is based on International Bac…. (IB) pattern blended with core concepts of Islam.

ISLAM which means peace: peace of mind, body, heart and soul. At EPS we seek to establish holistic Islamic environment and produce world class human competence based on the essence of Islam. We wish to inculcate Islamic teachings in our children so that with distinct ethical values they are able to create a more understanding and humane society. We wish to bring forth true Muslims (completely obedient to Allah) to serve this world with just attitude & fair aptitude.

We believe in embedding deep moral and ethical values in our coming generations through the Qur’an (the detailed code of conduct from our Creator, meant for the benefit of the entire humanity and NOT just Muslims) and the example of the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him). He was the last messenger of God sent for the guidance of the entire humanity and NOT just Muslims. Besides, we provide our students with the highest standards of contemporary education thereby equipping them with optimum capacities of modern requisites.

EPS is a co-ed school. In line with Islamic teachings, our focus is equally on both boys and girls education. However, considering Islamic values, there are separate blocks for girls and boys in the new, purpose-built campus. In this background our Mission is to make EPSites exemplary and enlightened global citizens by:

* Equipping them with strong ethical foundation;

* Providing them the best opportunities of growth and advancement;

* Enabling them to master the expanding horizons of technology.

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