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Stockholm, Sweden

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Scenic Music - Sound Rituals - Performance

Hidden Mother is a contemporary music trio focused on scenic music. What distinguishes Hidden Mother from other groups in this genre is that they incorporate performance art within their shows. Music by pioneers of "théâtre musical", such as Georges Aperghis, modern composers as Hanna Hartman, Lisa Streich and Esaias Järnegard is mixed with performance art by artists like Marina Abramovic and Rebecca Horn. The group also makes unusual interpretations of works by for example Steve Reich. All these things combined make Hidden Mother's performances unique and surprising experiences.

The members are all professional percussionists, but Hidden Mother is far from a traditional percussion ensemble. The instruments they use are often different sound objects and electronics.

Hidden Mother is: Ulrik Nilsson, Magdalena Meitzner and Pontus Langendorf. The trio is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Magdalena Meitzner is a composer as well as freelancing musician. Pontus Langendorf and Ulrik Nilsson are members of the internationally acclaimed Kroumata Percussion Ensemble.

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