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F.J.PRODUCTIONS is a full service film and TV production company. We develop and produce everything from live TV remote shoots, to documentaries, TV commercials, TV programs, video vignettes and webcasts.

We are a one stop production facility. We take a project from initial concept development through production, post production and distribution.

Over the years we have produced TV shows, sports events, documentaries, TV commercials and industrials. In the process we have built successful relationships with broadcasters, clients and vendors, in the United States and abroad.

With a talented and dedicated team of professionals, F.J.Productions has established itself in this competitive arena as a reliable and competent production shop, able to conform to budgets and adhere to tough deadlines and strict technical standards. Some of our programs have aired in major networks around the globe: The Hollywood Reporter TV (HBO Latina and syndication); Red Carpet Reporter (Syndication); Planeta Brasil (TV Globo); Shape Up (Fox and Lightworks Program Distribution), Uncommon Place (Multishow), Shop the World (Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC) and others.

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