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Kitt Johnson is a loner. Through her wide-ranging work with the language of choreography, a unique sense for space and stage effects plus her sublime body control, she has created a personal expression and sureness of style. This has placed her as one of the most respected Danish choreographers. Both in Denmark and internationally there is great interest for her distinctive artistic universe.

Kitt Johnson is known as a major solo performer, although her work covers a wider spectrum. She has worked extensively with site-specific projects throughout Europe and, in recent years, has created a series of ensemble works, which have challenged her artistic vision.

Kitt Johnson is artistic director of the company X-act. Since 1992 she has, with X-act, worked with the Swedish composer and musician Sture Ericson. Since 1997 other artists have been connected to the group, among these the light designer Mogens Kjempff and costume designer Charlotte Østergaard - both Danes - and the Greek born visual artist, performer and writer, Theofanis K. Melàs.

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