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Gabriel Tane Colello, a young renaissance man has created a book that is thought provoking, inspiring, stunning, and wildly unique.

Gabriel believes that nudity creates a form of freedom and purity within one’s self. He says, “Don’t listen to society. Listen to your heart. That’s what I’ve done by making this book and I’ve never felt better!”

“It got to a point where I found myself looking at people in general who were overwhelmed by mediocrity. I could tell they were burning to let their individual colours shine but they didn’t have the courage to do so. So I thought to myself I have to lead by example and let my heart fearlessly sing!” Gabriel’s mentality in life is to “Radiate love, be the best you can be and don’t take things to seriously… ‘cause in the bigger picture of life nothing really matters. It’s simply all about love.”

This book An Exploration Of Nudity cannot be categorised.

You simply have to see it!

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  1. i like his pubec :)