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'm a Cinematographer & Steadicam operator. just moved to London and seeking to get involved in the Film industry.

I have 6 years experience with Film 16mm, HD including "RED One", 35mm adaptors, DigiBeta, Dv...
I have been working as a DOP and a Steadicam operator in Feature Films, dramas, documentaries, Short films, commercials & music video's.

I'm an experienced D.O.P, through the years I developed my own Cinematographic style, Lighting and operating my shoots which are inspired by motion being a skilled Steadicam operator.

Equipment List: Canon 5D mark ll, Full set if high speed Prime Lenses, 50gb flash cards, Tripod, SKATER Camera Dolly, Steadicam, Zoom H4n recording device, Litepanel LED Light.

you can see some of my work in this link.


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