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A/V solutions plattform

microclima is a platform for artistic creation in Barcelona, Spain.

its objectives are to provide visual solutions for business management and working with culture and society, both to mediate between artists and users, channeling creative proposals in performative processes.

as a service provider, we provide a catalog of solutions that covers all needs pertaining to any audiovisual or multimedia project from inception to final product, solving even the most ambitious projects in a single budget.

in the creative field, microclima is the union of different studios, artists and cultural agents related to the audiovisual, av production, music production, video artists, photographers, illustrators, web artists, etc., sharing artistic values. microclima is a collective of artists from Barcelona: we operate locally, but global-minded.

the combination of the two directions also allows microclima to have a professional aproach in different fields of the cultural environment in areas related to: consulting in the creative process, assistance in performing arts, cultural project management, sound design, soundtracks, producing concerts and events, commissioner of cultural activities and / or projects, etc…

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