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The citizens of a city might have different opinions of good & bad, beautiful & ugly, fun or boring, but they have one thing in common – the public space. At odds or finding a consensus, the public realm is a stage for constant negotiation. The New Beauty Council investigates concepts like the public, beauty and ugliness, what they consist of and how they can be (re-)defined, and aims to identify and examine the conditions which influence our experience of the city.

The New Beauty Council interacts with some of the institutions and authorities, such as architecture schools and the Department of City Planning that interpret and form a city’s appearance and functions. The New Beauty Council wants to bring into consideration new perspectives on how the public space can be used and look, not through promoting one single point of view, but allowing for new ways of experiencing the public realm and varying concepts of beauty.

The New Beauty Council is an ongoing collaborative initiative that departs from a queer feminist perspective and uses conversations, re-readings, art projects and curatorial methods to analyze the public space, how it can be understood and used. It critically discusses issues of participatory actions, interpretative prerogatives and aesthetics in the field of city planning, art and environment. The aim of its activity is to open up to novel ways of experiencing the public sphere and the plethora of concepts of beauty.

The founding members of The New Beauty Council are, Annika Enqvist, Anna Kharkina, Thérèse Kristiansson and Kristoffer Svenberg.

The New Beauty Council was awarded the SA-prize 2009 for “its valuable contribution to the public discussion on architecture” by the Swedish Association of Architects (Stockholm). The 2009 jury included Cecilia Sagrén, Thomas Rudin, Anna Frank, Henrik Storm and Ebba Högström.

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