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New York

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Lifelong independently artistic type. Self taught in various fields. Drawing & cartooning, painting & airbrushing, music, animation, and photography & video.

Gear history:

I got my first camera (a Hitachi full size VHS) in 1990, followed by a Sony V701 Hi8 a year later. I got my first Canon miniDV (Elura 2) in September 2001 (One of my first tests with it was of geese in the park on Sept 10th). Added an Elura 100 in 2006, then this past May I finally made the jump to HD. Twice. I got the HG10, all happy with the tapeless approach, then read the comparisons to HDV. All the talk of the HV20 kept popping into my mind, so I added an HV30 into the mix. But I still like the HG10 as well.

I topped off the current cameras with a Letus35 mini, an Hague MMC, Raynox DCR-250, and a Canon 17mm lens.

My editing "suite" at the moment is an '06 iMac 20" w/2 GB ram, running Final Cut Express 4 & iMovie 06.
(edited on 9/3/08 to update this status. I gave it some more thought, and decided to just go for it. So now I'll be using a new Mac Pro running Final Cut Studio 2. It may be overkill for what I'm doing now, but I hope to "grow into it")

I hope to start putting together some different types of videos. Music videos, art clips, and short installments of my program, "Random Access". Also some nature pieces when I come across something good.

Unfortunately, I don't get nearly enough time to go shooting. I've poured some money into this though, so I hope to make time for it. How often I'll have things to post I can't tell yet, but I'll try to get something up without weeks in between.

Until then...