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Slightly Overdone Robots explores the horizons of Human-Robot interaction.

Jan De Coster grew up with a vivid fascination for physics, science fiction stories and hacking stuff. In college he realized that all the stories around science were often far more appealing than the theory behind them. In the mid 90's he started on his first multimedia productions and eventually evolved to working in advertising, where he invented stories and games for online campaigns. This is when he developed an interest in character design, and started attending and eventually contributing to the annual Pictoplasma in Berlin. Soon his interest in virtual worlds tiered, and he started to invent interactive machines in the real world, Robots in particular, because they are the perfect match of his interest in physical projects and character design.

Besides working in his studio, Slightly Overdone, Jan also started teaching at Erasmus High School Brussels in 2013, telling students specializing in "Art & Technology" about the creative side of electronics and the design of interactivity in physical space. On his quest to make Robots a more widely accepted creative medium, Jan is now teaching young and old about building Robots, focusing on the design and the process, and the way they make us feel.

Jan is very involved in the maker movement in Belgium, working in FabLab Brussels and starting a new FabLab in Mechelen in the fall of 2015. He is also involved in the FabLab Junior project, bringing a mobile FabLab with 3D printers and laser cutters to summer camps where kids can learn how to work with this new technology, and hopefully build a lot of Robots with it.


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