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I was born in l’Oise, not far from Paris and started directing short films at the age of 15. Since I was a child, I have always been drawn to film and photography, as well as music.
I was constantly looking for new emotional horizons whilst I studied art, developing my creativity through painting.
Like many photographers, I learnt how to build an inner-world, always on the lookout for something new.
I am both demanding and ambitious, and have a taste for classical photography, which is defined by strong contrasts. My photography captures the present, to bring another dimension to photography. The details of my picture will make it unique; bringing a soft balance between urbanization and the Bucolic.
My passion for staging is showcased via an alternative take on photography and includes a quest for perfection regarding shooting. I try to utilize models and environments in such a way as to emphasize it.
My background is rooted in the techniques of photography and video. I have managed to utilize several tools such as how to use digital alterations.
My photographs are the result of deep seated passion for cinema. I steer clear of the mundane through the use of a sophisticated pictorial language. I am a contemporary photographer: eternally curious and observant.

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