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After graduating with his Film and TV degree from university, Dan started his career making short films and music videos in his native land of Australia. He quickly racked up a list of awards including Best Music Video at the MusicOz awards for “Give it Up” and Best Music Video at the Sunscreen Film Festival for “Carving Others”.

Dan moved to Asia around 4 years ago and has accumulated a huge body of work since, having made documentaries, tele-movies and commercials in Japan, India, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, where he is based. He has won a few more awards since, including Best Telemovie at the Asian TV Awards and he also recently won the top prize at The Very Short International Film Festival in Singapore for his film "Big Night Out".

Dan has recently signed with Freeflow Productions, possibly the coolest production house in Singapore, and is loving working with some of the biggest agencies in the world.


  1. KIX
  2. The Mill
  3. Pulse Films
  4. Rupert Sanders
  5. AG Rojas
  6. Shane Fletcher
  7. Tom Ryaboi
  8. Keith Loutit
  9. PostPanic
  10. Dave Hill
  11. Andrew Thomas Huang
  12. Sweetgrass Productions
  13. Gioacchino Petronicce
  14. Question Media
  15. KCDC
  16. leighton campbell
  17. Junhua Yap
  18. David Rusanow