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I am a father of 6 wonderful children, their very intelligent and beautiful spouses and 16 noisy grandchildren all under the age of 9 when we are all together. But, Janet and I wouldn't have it any other way! We see ourselves as a family that wants to be together forever so let the good times roll.

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  1. This love story hasn't ended with just Ollie... Matt and Loree have enough love to share with many others to complete their family. This video gives mothers considering to place their unborn child up for adoption "comfort" knowing that there is…
  2. We really enjoyed your Christmas greeting this year and see you can still throw Lucinda over your shoulder. We liked your triplets of Sam and his brothers. Your dogs will be downgraded as actors when you add your set of "twins"! Great Job you two...
  3. Each Christmas season I watch each film Jared has produced to capture the feelings our families have experienced and quietly shed tears of appreciation for his talent and skills in reminding us of the good things in our lives. Thank you son! Your…
  4. This video cautions me to call you "family"... great job!
  5. Father of Jared Your use of sound and motion is a great skill. Thank you for sharing!
  6. At the end of your train ride through life you will arrive in the train station (Heaven) to be received by all of your family and relatives who have been near you at each turn of the train's track to offer an unseen hand to support you and your precious…
  7. Jared, your interest in trains has been part of you all your life and causes me to see a little comparison with your family's desire to "hold to the iron rod (train) as you follow in your pathway (tracks) back to the presence of God. Fasten your…
  8. Well, for your father and your children's grandfather it is very emotional for me to watch each of your smiling faces, personalities and the closeness you share as an "eternal family". May God watch over you always and keep you safe