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John Adams is no stranger to the housing industry. He has often been called “Atlanta’s most trusted voice in real estate.”

As a sophomore at Atlanta’s Emory University in 1973, John Adams was assigned a class project to study the feasibility of a run-down apartment complex. He located a tired 38-unit property, bought it for a thousand dollars down, and got an A for the semester. John has never looked back.

Today, John owns and manages close to fifty residential units on his own account, including houses, apartments, condos, resort properties (7 at last count), and two commercial buildings that he purchased accidentally.

His weekend investment seminars at Emory University in Atlanta have attracted overflow crowds for years, and his call-in radio program on NewsTalk920 WGKA is listened to by thousands of Georgians every Saturday at noon.

His weekly real estate column in The Sunday Atlanta Journal & Constitution is the product of years of helping home buyers and sellers, and listening to their concerns.

John sees the current real estate slowdown as a great time to buy a house because interest rates are low, sellers are flexible, and prices are reasonable. In short, it’s a great time to buy a house!

As John says: “For most Americans, owning a home is the best investment they have ever made.”

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