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  1. Trade minister is incompetent in my opinion, Trade Minister must be from the investment industry Wat does not understand the Coming Collapse of China Gordon Chang NASDAQ as seen on
  2. I support Kinder Morgan Energy Citizen member, SFU, SFU Professors, SFU Students, First Nations, Derek Corrigan and is legal gang of thugs must pay RCMP bill on Burnaby Mountain
  3. When it comes to First Nations Christy Clark is very ;gullible!
  4. I do not support First Nations they all are black mailing Christy Clark and they cannot get their own financial mess in order 12 financial statements not received
  5. Here is one for you I do not support female ministers one being Teresa Wat, Christy Clark is ok but has made poor choices of incompetent female ministers you know who they are!
  6. Gasoline prices have not gone down in metro Vancouver all carbon tax must be removed now and where has the money gone?
  7. That is in Vancouver and Toronto
  8. I do not like short video shots on Youtube thanks