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We met while serving on the Atocha - I as a deck hand and you as chief navigator. One night, you were sleeping and I played the old "change the charts" prank. Well, the joke was on me, as the very next day we sailed into terrible weather, and sank.

I saw you floating in the water shortly after the ship sank, having lashed yourself to a few errant barrels of hardtack. Sine you offered a spot on your makeshift life preserver, I decided against mentioning the prank. We ate soggy hardtack (a blessing and curse all in one) and floated in now eerily calm waters for three days before being rescued by a passing vessel.

We did not speak their language, but they understood enough of what we were gesticulating and dropped us off in Cabo, where we met an ancestor of Sammy Hagar and partied. Well, we partied after all of that horrific diarrhea was done with, anyway. Oof.

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