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  1. tukvim commented on GH2 - CHEMINEE
    Yes, 21-12-2012 is near
  2. tukvim commented on Room To Breath
    Thanks for sharing. Did you used any gh2-settings ??
  3. hmm external monitor, does hdmi out effect this in a good way, maybe! I'm be with you, Standard has also the best dynamic range.
  4. Dankjewel, but what is your words from my suggestion (from one above) about seeing banding in some videos and some not such as your/this video?
  5. Hey, some people are big fan qua sharpness of it but Sedna AQ1 ver A, very strange noise is happening, see it on vimeo.com/38792166 see it from01:08 to the end... Upper the "mid-line" is good video, Under the "mid-line" bad very ugly noise author…